Thursday, 1 August 2013

London Almond cookies with a crunch

• 200gm plain flour
• 250gm Butter
 100gm Castor Sugar
 50gm Crushed Corn Flakes
 100gm Corn Flour

• 50gm grounded almonds
 crushed almonds for decoration
 whole almonds, blanched and roasted

 Vanilla essence
 Cooking chocolate to melt


1• Mix Butter and sugar with the vanilla essence until light
2• Add in Corn Flakes and mix, 
3• Add in Corn flour a little at a time and mix well 
4• Add in the grounded almonds
5• Add in the flour a little at a time to a nice texture so you can roll it into a ball
6• Flaten to roll in an almond in the middle
7• Oven in 170deg for 20-25 minutes
8• Melt Choc on a double boiler or if you use a microwave, make sure you only use it for 30 secs on high and repeat 2-3 times to avoid burning the melting chocolate
7• Once cookies are baked, leave to cool then coat the cookies with the melted chocolate and put into cases, decorate with crushed almonds, leave them for another 15 minutes for the chocolate to harden.
Check out my YouTube video for demonstration :


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